Foibles: A Mother-Daughter Podcast

Foibles Episode 28: The Prior Brothers, Genre Film‘s Born Killers

September 11, 2021

Experiences the child-like joy of gleaming muscles, flashing teeth, ill-timed explosions, and mayhem by the best of the worst.


Link to Ted's IMDB page:


Xoe and Rita's Top 7 Ted Prior Movies:

Sledgehammer (1983)


Born Killer (1989)

Future Zone (1990)

Raw Nerve (1991)

Possessed by the Night (1994)**

Day of the Warrior (1996)*


Honorable Mentions:

Hardcase and Fist (1989)

Raw Justice (1994)

The Last House (2015)


*Xoe's unique pick

**Rita's pick


Thanks as always to Powerbleeder for our theme song "Future Mind". Listen Here

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