Foibles: A Mother-Daughter Podcast

Foibles Episode 8: Perry Mason Reprise (the drinking game)

March 24, 2018

The Perry Mason Drinking Game

Drink when:

-Someone says the title of the episode
-There’s a very famous actor e.g. Robert Redford
-when someone pours an alcoholic drink
-There’s a Dabbs Greer sighting
-Della demonstrates sisterhood solidarity
-Anytime Paul Drake says “Hi, beautiful.”
-A secretary has an affair with her boss
-Anyone sniffs a piece of evidence (drink twice if Perry sniffs a gun)
-Perry holds a woman’s elbow
-Someone flings themselves onto Perry’s chest- drink twice
-Paul loses someone he’s tailing
-Someone checks a car’s registration
-You first see a shot of Peaches “Boom-Boom” Burger (Hamilton Burger’s mother, usually an extra in courtroom scenes)

-A lawyer claims a question is “Immaterial, incompetent, and irrelevant.” (All or any)
- Burger whines something like “Your honor, Mason is up to his old tricks!”
-A motion is ruled against Perry
-when there’s a woman judge
-Someone breaks down dramatically on the stand/in court
-If Perry loses a case, finish the bottle
-Finish your drink for any change in Perry’s office decor
-Finish your drink if any dates that are mentioned fall on your birthday
-Everyone takes bets on the murderer by the 35 minute mark, if you’re right, finish your drink

Other Prompts:

-Call out when you see a familiar secondary actor or prop
-William Hopper first appears, yell his name in falsetto
-When Della wears a nice outfit tell her how cute she looks
-When a judge calls a recess for lunch, or because it is “getting late,” ring a bell

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