Foibles: A Mother-Daughter Podcast

Foibles Episode 14: Lonesome Dove Pt I

July 6, 2019

*Note: The episode ended up being so long that we split it into two parts. Part II will be released next Saturday and will pick up exactly where this one let off. Thanks for your patience!

Lonesome Dove Notes

Larry McMurtry born in 1936 in Archer City, TX. Also wrote Terms of Endearment and The Last Picture Show. Had the biggest used bookstore in the world until 2012.

His father and grandfather were cattle ranchers.

Lonesome Dove TV miniseries, 1989 - Starring Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones.

Prizes - Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (1986)

Novelist Larry McMurtry’s Last Kind Words by Michael Mechanic, Mother Jones, May/June 2014,

Origin of title: “Lonesome Dove Baptist Church”

On Brokeback Mountain screenplay: Their original script was welcomed by the studio, but disliked by the actors McMurtry and Bogdanovich had in mind: Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, and John Wayne.

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